Kip Meyerhoff


Vevay Author Kip Meyerhoff, a long-time columnist for the River Times, brings his varied life experiences to his writings. 'I write what I know. My characters are based on real people I've met along the way he says. 'In my novels, I put them in fictious situations to see what they do.' Born in a victorian house on New York's Hudson River, he now resides with his wife in a Victorian home on the banks of the Ohio River. During his journey between these two river homes, he served two tours in the Army, went to college on the G.I. Bill, served 20 years in the Los Angles PD, and was a Hopllywood P.I., a celebrity bodyguard, a hotel manager, and a restauranteur. All the people met, places seen, things experienced, are the fodder for his books, now available at the Art Center and Amazon.