Sharon Campbell


Campbell is a photographer and is especially fond of documenting old architecture. She takes her mission to preserve memories of old and abandoned structures before they are gone very seriously. Sharon captures these relics of the past with her camera and her artistic soul. The results are beautiful in a very nostalgic way. Her photos tie us back to our history. Sharon Heveline Campbell was born in the mid 1940’s in an old two-story log house in Kentucky near the Ohio River. She loved the history of the house, it’s logs and rafters, stone chimneys, cellar, old barns and smoke house. The history of of the old fruit farm gave her an appreciation of times past. Today she preserves with photography any rough old jewels she comes across. Once grand or loved houses, buildings, rural store fronts and barns are her favorite subjects. These pieces of the past inspire the imagination to come alive with images of earlier residents. As she likes to say, “Lives once loved, live again!”