Spike Frederick


Originally from Canton, Ohio, Spike attended Indiana University, Kent State University, Bellarmine University, and served in the US Air Force. After completing his education and military service, he settled into some varied and interesting careers. Owning his own business and clerking in a library are among some other endeavors. He and his wife are parents of five children, and have five grandchildren. In their home, Spike has walled off a portion of the garage to serve as an art studio. The home also includes a pool where Spike enjoys swimming laps. He cites rowing, reading, and of course, painting, as special interests. Although Spike Frederick says he wasn’t particularly artistic as a child, he credits his mother, who was a painter and craftsperson, as being instrumental in turning him into an artist. He quotes that his paintings are “fun art” as opposed to “ fine art.” His works are whimsical smile makers! A myriad of creatures and other country images inhabit the canvases, depicted with oils, acrylics and water colors. If one were asked to describe the paintings with one word, that word would have to be “colorful!” It is impossible to look at a Spike Frederick scene and not smile!